May 14th, 2006



Last year, we (L. and I) were fairly successful with our first attempt at gardening. Before you get the image of a well-plowed patch of acreage let me just say our “back 40” is several feet of patio. And we nurtured, fondled, watered, and worried over…uhm…4 tomato plants in a 12 x 36 inch container. Hey…for 2 months we were up to our eyeballs in the world’s best tomato sandwiches! Anyway, we were feeling rather dumb daring yesterday and came home with a backseat load of new potentials, enough potting mix to make the garden center people snicker, and three new containers.




Now…does anyone know how to grow cucumbers, banana peppers, and squash?


In other news…I’ve been wrestling with a PB idea for the last few days. Just…can’t…seem…to…get past the first part of the middle. Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.


By the way, Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. Mine is here in my heart. I so wish I could hear her giggle or hold her hand just one more time.

Mother's Day Meme

* I am: tired.
* I want: cheesecake smothered in fudge sauce.
* I wish: that my house was full of family.
* I hate: selective stupidity.
* I love: my husband more than I can describe.
* I miss: being thin.
* I fear: old age.
* I hear: my dogs woofing at me.
* I wonder: what I will watch on TV tonight.
* I regret: not going to college.
* I am not: a trapeze artist.  
* I dance: everywhere, much to my husband’s dismay.
* I sing: loudly, out of tune, and often.
* I cry: over acts of kindness, movies…you name it.
* I am not always: on time.
* I make with my hands: art.
* I write: less than I want and more than I should.

* I confuse: punctuation after years of writing for radio & TV.
* I need: to get out more.
* I should: exercise more.
* I start: early in the morning.
* I finish: early in the evening.
* I tag: everyone who didn’t get a chance to do this today.

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