May 19th, 2006



Scene: Two dogs (Bayley & Piper) and a human (Moi) on bed. Dogs chowing down on fresh chew bones.


Piper deposits soggy bone in my hand, jumps off bed, and heads for the water dish. 
Bayley seizes the moment, drops her not-so-soggy bone in my lap, and holds paw up in hopes of an exchange.  Piper races back, knocks Bayley aside, and retrieves soggy bone from my hand.  Bayley picks her not-so-soggy bone back up, trots to side of bed, looks over her shoulder, barks (which in itself is a feat because the bone is in her mouth) to get Piper’s attention, and drops bone down to floor.  Not-so-soggy bone makes a nice, long, loud clatter.  Piper hears irresistible noise, drops soggy bone, jumps off bed, and claims the floor prize.  Bayley grabs unguarded soggy bone and darts out of room.  Mission accomplished.

In other fur people news...

We had a healthy bay colt yesterday! Yay! Mom and babe are doing great.

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