May 25th, 2006


The Zone.

Today’s the day. I’m not going to let anything interrupt the mood. Fresh paper is in the printer so I can run the new words out. Window is open and morning sun is spilling in behind my screen. A tall glass of iced tea is to my left. The girls with their soggy chew bones are to my right. I remembered to turn the dishwasher on. I think.




I’ve checked LJ and returned e-mails. And now I’m going to let things tumble free from the grey matter. Great. There’s a storm coming in so I need to put the patio umbrellas down.




Here I am. Should I work on the PB idea that’s been nagging at me? There is my MG that needs an overhaul. Nope. I’m going to get that PB finished if it kills me. Awww. That little kid looks so cute riding his bike up and down the street out front. His helmet would fit my head.


Okay. Must. Concentrate. MG or PB? PB or MG? I wonder if the wind is making it easier for him to pedal? Probably only one direction. Unless it’s blowing this way. In which case it could blow him over. Oh good. He’s going in.


(Closes shade.)


Now. I shall write…as soon as I go brew some more tea. And I need to call the guy about the guttering. After that, I’m going to get in the zone. Yep. Me. The zone. Here. Today.
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