May 26th, 2006



I looked down from my back porch yesterday afternoon to see a long black thing slithering around ten feet from my garage door. (I would share the photo, but I don’t know how.) Suffice it to say that it was several feet long and its mouth was wide open. No men folk were in the neighborhood. My husband wouldn't answer his office phone. And my brother-in-law wouldn't make the two hour drive. 

Soooo…I camped out at the den window and waited for the man across the street to come home. It was a long wait. "Where have you been?"  I screamed from the front porch. Which admittedly was rude, and might have creeped him out a tad since he hadn't gotten more than one leg out of his car, and he doesn’t know me all that well. Anyway…he and his two little boys puffed up their chests happy to come over and save the foolish lady. I knew he really didn't think it was as big as the raving lunatic woman jumping up and down on her sidewalk said it was because he went around to the driveway empty-handed. 

There was just something so gratifying (In a sick way, because I really didn't want the snake in my driveway to be worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records.) when he shrieked like a girl and yelled THAT'S HUGE and I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE THAT BIG BEFORE. He sprinted off to get a big shovel and a trashcan. By the time he returned, it had slithered its last slither. I don't know if it had been injured, or it was old, or it had fried itself on my driveway asphalt. I'm sorry it's dead. It was free to live a happy, slithery life as long as big, burly men took it away…far far away…at least to the next county or state.


Now I want a conclusive answer. Do snakes run in packs?
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