June 1st, 2006


Tomorrow will be better!

The AC guy finally repaired the heat pump late yesterday afternoon. We allowed the unit a few hours to do its magic and at midnight the upstairs was cool enough to crawl into our bed for the first time in 6 nights. At 1:23 we were jolted awake by a roaring fire alarm. We yanked up the phone and the dogs on our way outside. The fire department arrived less than 12 minutes later. Sirens blaring. Lights flashing. (Oddly enough…this didn’t wake any of the neighbors.) Firemen combed the house while we stood on the patio clutching the dogs to our chests. The alarm roared on until one of them finally clipped it from the ceiling. Long nightmare of a story short. There was no smoke. There was no fire. The pipe thingamajiggie connected to the AC in the attic had leaked into the alarm causing it to short out. They stayed for almost two hours to make sure everything was safe. Gosh, these people are amazing.


Ask me how much sleep I’ve had! Actually…ask me if I’ll ever sleep again.


Today, I wait for an electrician and the return of the AC people. The car dealership guy just hauled my car off to see why it isn’t working. (I’m really not making all this up.) My stay in Repairville continues.



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