June 6th, 2006



I’m baaaaaack! At least I think I am.


I have (due to the much needed prodding with a pointy implement by a dear friend) several subs ready to send out into Please Publish Me Land. I promise, L, I just need to make a stamp run.


And I’m happy to announce (ta dah!) that I opened up my MG mystery, THE NAME CHANGERS, yesterday and started flagging problem areas. There was good news and bad news when I read through it a few weeks ago. The good news – it wasn’t as lightweight as I was afraid it might be and I still liked the characters. The bad news – it wasn’t nearly as good (sigh…not even close) as I hoped it would be. A couple of the twists…well…ah, who am I kidding…scream CONTRIVED. Ew. Then there were the several scenes I had spent a lot of time blowing up the big tension balloon only to stick a pin in it way too soon. Double ew. Right now it all seems to be fixable.


Soooo…I’m back and excited to see where today takes me.
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