June 26th, 2006



I’m sorry I haven’t responded to everyone’s blogs the last few days, but I’ve had more company. (I was on top of it, Dot, and disguised the sporks.)


Today is gray and soggy. A little too soggy. They’re calling for 3 to 4 inches in less than an hour this afternoon. This can’t be good.

So whilst the wet stuff slams against the windows I think I’ll jump back into revisions on THE NAME CHANGERS. Maybe I’ll work on one of the spooky scenes since I do have all this ambiance going for me right now.

But first…I must share something cute with you guys. These are the phone messages left at my sister’s (She and hubby are sound sleepers.) house from her granddaughter on her 6th birthday.


7:20 AM

GRANDDAUGHTER: “Good Mommy? Good Daddy? Cartoons are on. Hi!”



7:23 AM

GRANDDAUGHTER: “I forgot to tell you. It’s my birthday! I’m watching cartoons. Are you up? I’m six now.”



7:25 AM

GRANDDAUGHTER: “This is M, your granddaughter. Did you remember it’s my birthday? I’m six!”



7:27 AM

“HALLOOOOO? Can YOU hear me? I’ll hold on ‘til you get up.” (Several minutes of breathing pass and then a parental voice is heard “M? What are you doing? You’d better not be on the…”)



8:03 AM 
Good Mommy and Good Daddy call M. and they all live happily ever after.

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