September 28th, 2006



In typical rushing the season fashion, someone on TV mentioned how many shopping days until Christmas. I snorted and told my husband to hurry up with his list.


There hadn’t been a need for a list in the past. For twenty years L’s gifts to me had been impeccable. Well, there was the Wrinkle Cream Incident of 2002, but I'm almost over it. Last year, something happened. I don’t know if the Gift Gotcha Gnomes were working overtime or what, but the love of my life presented me with…wait for it…a soldering iron and an industrial-sized laser level with, and this is important, an adjustable tripod.


Hey, I thought I gave an award-winning performance which included lots of perky thank yous. I was certain he couldn’t hear the inside screams, but the shock must have shown through. It was decided we would exchange lists beginning this year.


Well, guess who came home with his list yesterday? This wasn’t just any ol’ handwritten on a torn sheet of paper list. It was done in Power Point with graphs to show items in order of importance. I’ll spare you the specifics, but I just have to share the disclaimer at the bottom.


“The above list represents wanted items, but is not necessarily all inclusive, nor is the purchase of all the items mandatory. A pre-shopping meeting will be necessary to set “gift number” limits in order to maintain a fair exchange thus creating an atmosphere of a Happy Holiday. Suggested retail prices may vary.”


Did I tell you I’m married to a funny guy?
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