November 8th, 2006




I’ve been Alphabet Meme tagged by the funny and prolific crcook. She was kind enough to stick present me with the letter J.


10 wonderful J’s

1. Joplin (the resident lead fur person & official face licker)

  1. Jeans (well-worn and cozy)
  2. Jewelry (anywhere, anyhow, any time…think pearls, honey)
  3. Jellybeans (mmmm…buttered popcorn flavor)
  4. Journaling, jambalaya, and jackstraws (the last two because…well…just because)
  5. Joy (anywhere, anyhow, any time)
  6. Jammies (hey…it works)
  7. Jam (mmmm…seedless black raspberry)
  8. Jo in LITTLE WOMEN (I am not more like Amy! LA LA LA LA LA...)
  9. Journeys, junkets, or jaunts, oh my (sand and surf must be involved)


Five yucky J’s

  1. Jerks (anywhere, anyhow, any time)
  2. Jealousy (need I say more?)
  3. Jellyfish (not one of my favorite invertebrates)
  4. Jittery nerves (never EVER fun)
  5. Jack-in-the-boxes (some are just plain creepy)


I tag alwayslisa with A and breckinwood with B.


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