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Stuck in Repairville.

Why is it when one thing in the house goes belly up, it’s the signal for other things to start falling apart? Three weeks ago, it was the computer. Two weeks ago, it was the TV. Last week, it was the washer. This week, it’s the air conditioning. (And yes, we're having record-breaking temps.) But I digress. I’m not really here to discuss appliance letdown or the dampness of my pits…I’m here to ask what the heck has happened to service in the past few years? Back in the good old days when something went wonky, you could just pick up a phone and call the wonky fix-it people. They were sympathetic to your plight, courteous, and you knew no matter how busy they were, they would come to your rescue. Not so anymore, at least not in my part of the world.


Now you have to listen to a recorded message that will walk you through the steps to fix it yourself or determine whether your problem is their problem. Huh? Or you can press enough buttons to land in the estimated 15 minute wait time zone before you can speak to something carbon based. My favorite, though, my VERY favorite is calling a local business where you will be placed on the list according to who you are, how much money it’s going to make them, and if they simply feel like making an effort on that particular day.


YARGH! I want outta Repairville!
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