jkcarter (jkcarter) wrote,

I've missed everyone!

Okay…the clown who installed the revolving door had better come back and shut it down. Seriously…the gaggle of guests and service/repair people flocking in through the front of my house the last couple of weeks has been…well…comical. There is hope that things will calm down after the last visit from the AC guy (the third this week). Then I’m considering a moat. It shouldn’t require a lot of upkeep. But there’s all that raising and lowering of the bridge to think about and I would have to worry about a troll. Should I have one? Will he eat too much? Does he need a friend?


In writing news…er…okay there isn’t any news for now. My MG revisions are on hold for the time being. I have a few things scurrying around my brain. I think they’re ideas. Please tell me they’re ideas. A little voice is telling me they’re good ones. Oh sheesh…I have little voices now.

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