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#1: A household appliance has gasped its last breath. This will trigger the demise of at least one, maybe two more appliances within the week


#2: The way to conjure up someone who you would prefer to impress is leave the house without makeup (for those who blush naturally, just insert “looking like Quasimodo”).


#3: Settle in to give a television program one more try due to the ravings of your friends and get ready to tune in to the one episode you’ve seen before.


#4: Stub a toe and live to tell the tale. Count on crunching, slamming, sliding, jamming it again into any object within crunching, slamming, sliding, jamming distance.


#5: The phone and doorbell are wired to ring when naked innocent soul steps into the shower. Rumor has it, the two are in cahoots with the CFC (the Commode Flusher Consortium).


#6: The one thing you decide NOT to pick up at the store is the ONE thing you will run out of and NEED the following week.


#7: It is not a myth. You own a rogue sock which must claim its freedom. Will it escape dirty or clean?


What are your givens?
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