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Mother's Day Meme

* I am: tired.
* I want: cheesecake smothered in fudge sauce.
* I wish: that my house was full of family.
* I hate: selective stupidity.
* I love: my husband more than I can describe.
* I miss: being thin.
* I fear: old age.
* I hear: my dogs woofing at me.
* I wonder: what I will watch on TV tonight.
* I regret: not going to college.
* I am not: a trapeze artist.  
* I dance: everywhere, much to my husband’s dismay.
* I sing: loudly, out of tune, and often.
* I cry: over acts of kindness, movies…you name it.
* I am not always: on time.
* I make with my hands: art.
* I write: less than I want and more than I should.

* I confuse: punctuation after years of writing for radio & TV.
* I need: to get out more.
* I should: exercise more.
* I start: early in the morning.
* I finish: early in the evening.
* I tag: everyone who didn’t get a chance to do this today.

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