I've missed everyone!

Okay…the clown who installed the revolving door had better come back and shut it down. Seriously…the gaggle of guests and service/repair people flocking in through the front of my house the last couple of weeks has been…well…comical. There is hope that things will calm down after the last visit from the AC guy (the third this week). Then I’m considering a moat. It shouldn’t require a lot of upkeep. But there’s all that raising and lowering of the bridge to think about and I would have to worry about a troll. Should I have one? Will he eat too much? Does he need a friend?


In writing news…er…okay there isn’t any news for now. My MG revisions are on hold for the time being. I have a few things scurrying around my brain. I think they’re ideas. Please tell me they’re ideas. A little voice is telling me they’re good ones. Oh sheesh…I have little voices now.

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I’m baaaaaack! At least I think I am.


I have (due to the much needed prodding with a pointy implement by a dear friend) several subs ready to send out into Please Publish Me Land. I promise, L, I just need to make a stamp run.


And I’m happy to announce (ta dah!) that I opened up my MG mystery, THE NAME CHANGERS, yesterday and started flagging problem areas. There was good news and bad news when I read through it a few weeks ago. The good news – it wasn’t as lightweight as I was afraid it might be and I still liked the characters. The bad news – it wasn’t nearly as good (sigh…not even close) as I hoped it would be. A couple of the twists…well…ah, who am I kidding…scream CONTRIVED. Ew. Then there were the several scenes I had spent a lot of time blowing up the big tension balloon only to stick a pin in it way too soon. Double ew. Right now it all seems to be fixable.


Soooo…I’m back and excited to see where today takes me.
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Tomorrow will be better!

The AC guy finally repaired the heat pump late yesterday afternoon. We allowed the unit a few hours to do its magic and at midnight the upstairs was cool enough to crawl into our bed for the first time in 6 nights. At 1:23 we were jolted awake by a roaring fire alarm. We yanked up the phone and the dogs on our way outside. The fire department arrived less than 12 minutes later. Sirens blaring. Lights flashing. (Oddly enough…this didn’t wake any of the neighbors.) Firemen combed the house while we stood on the patio clutching the dogs to our chests. The alarm roared on until one of them finally clipped it from the ceiling. Long nightmare of a story short. There was no smoke. There was no fire. The pipe thingamajiggie connected to the AC in the attic had leaked into the alarm causing it to short out. They stayed for almost two hours to make sure everything was safe. Gosh, these people are amazing.


Ask me how much sleep I’ve had! Actually…ask me if I’ll ever sleep again.


Today, I wait for an electrician and the return of the AC people. The car dealership guy just hauled my car off to see why it isn’t working. (I’m really not making all this up.) My stay in Repairville continues.



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Stuck in Repairville.

Why is it when one thing in the house goes belly up, it’s the signal for other things to start falling apart? Three weeks ago, it was the computer. Two weeks ago, it was the TV. Last week, it was the washer. This week, it’s the air conditioning. (And yes, we're having record-breaking temps.) But I digress. I’m not really here to discuss appliance letdown or the dampness of my pits…I’m here to ask what the heck has happened to service in the past few years? Back in the good old days when something went wonky, you could just pick up a phone and call the wonky fix-it people. They were sympathetic to your plight, courteous, and you knew no matter how busy they were, they would come to your rescue. Not so anymore, at least not in my part of the world.


Now you have to listen to a recorded message that will walk you through the steps to fix it yourself or determine whether your problem is their problem. Huh? Or you can press enough buttons to land in the estimated 15 minute wait time zone before you can speak to something carbon based. My favorite, though, my VERY favorite is calling a local business where you will be placed on the list according to who you are, how much money it’s going to make them, and if they simply feel like making an effort on that particular day.


YARGH! I want outta Repairville!
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I looked down from my back porch yesterday afternoon to see a long black thing slithering around ten feet from my garage door. (I would share the photo, but I don’t know how.) Suffice it to say that it was several feet long and its mouth was wide open. No men folk were in the neighborhood. My husband wouldn't answer his office phone. And my brother-in-law wouldn't make the two hour drive. 

Soooo…I camped out at the den window and waited for the man across the street to come home. It was a long wait. "Where have you been?"  I screamed from the front porch. Which admittedly was rude, and might have creeped him out a tad since he hadn't gotten more than one leg out of his car, and he doesn’t know me all that well. Anyway…he and his two little boys puffed up their chests happy to come over and save the foolish lady. I knew he really didn't think it was as big as the raving lunatic woman jumping up and down on her sidewalk said it was because he went around to the driveway empty-handed. 

There was just something so gratifying (In a sick way, because I really didn't want the snake in my driveway to be worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records.) when he shrieked like a girl and yelled THAT'S HUGE and I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE THAT BIG BEFORE. He sprinted off to get a big shovel and a trashcan. By the time he returned, it had slithered its last slither. I don't know if it had been injured, or it was old, or it had fried itself on my driveway asphalt. I'm sorry it's dead. It was free to live a happy, slithery life as long as big, burly men took it away…far far away…at least to the next county or state.


Now I want a conclusive answer. Do snakes run in packs?
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The Zone.

Today’s the day. I’m not going to let anything interrupt the mood. Fresh paper is in the printer so I can run the new words out. Window is open and morning sun is spilling in behind my screen. A tall glass of iced tea is to my left. The girls with their soggy chew bones are to my right. I remembered to turn the dishwasher on. I think.




I’ve checked LJ and returned e-mails. And now I’m going to let things tumble free from the grey matter. Great. There’s a storm coming in so I need to put the patio umbrellas down.




Here I am. Should I work on the PB idea that’s been nagging at me? There is my MG that needs an overhaul. Nope. I’m going to get that PB finished if it kills me. Awww. That little kid looks so cute riding his bike up and down the street out front. His helmet would fit my head.


Okay. Must. Concentrate. MG or PB? PB or MG? I wonder if the wind is making it easier for him to pedal? Probably only one direction. Unless it’s blowing this way. In which case it could blow him over. Oh good. He’s going in.


(Closes shade.)


Now. I shall write…as soon as I go brew some more tea. And I need to call the guy about the guttering. After that, I’m going to get in the zone. Yep. Me. The zone. Here. Today.
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1)  Mascara dries up faster than it used to.

2)  Clothes are cut smaller and elastic shrinks. (Uh huh!)

3)  It is possible for a TV cable repair guy to roll his eyes and raise his voice at you in your own house without losing an appendage.

4)  For some reason I’ve started participating in writing as a spectator. (Notice how I just slipped that in here.)

5)  You can concoct a darn good casserole with no cheese or cream of anything soup in the house.

6)  I still feel naked in public writing here. (I know. I know, B. I said naked again.)



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Scene: Two dogs (Bayley & Piper) and a human (Moi) on bed. Dogs chowing down on fresh chew bones.


Piper deposits soggy bone in my hand, jumps off bed, and heads for the water dish. 
Bayley seizes the moment, drops her not-so-soggy bone in my lap, and holds paw up in hopes of an exchange.  Piper races back, knocks Bayley aside, and retrieves soggy bone from my hand.  Bayley picks her not-so-soggy bone back up, trots to side of bed, looks over her shoulder, barks (which in itself is a feat because the bone is in her mouth) to get Piper’s attention, and drops bone down to floor.  Not-so-soggy bone makes a nice, long, loud clatter.  Piper hears irresistible noise, drops soggy bone, jumps off bed, and claims the floor prize.  Bayley grabs unguarded soggy bone and darts out of room.  Mission accomplished.

In other fur people news...

We had a healthy bay colt yesterday! Yay! Mom and babe are doing great.

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It was a dark and gloomy day. The light of the monitor washed her face in a revolting shade of kiwi. The moment of truth had arrived. She hitched at her coffee stained shirt and raised her right hand every so slightly. Her index finger trembled in midair just above the delete key. Should she kill off the character who seemed to fit so well in the beginning and now scuttles about like a contrived intruder? Will the disappearance of the next door vulture turn out to be an intelligent wing clipping, or will it be prove to be a moment of gut wrenching regret?


Ooops. Phone.


Stay tuned for further updates.

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Mother's Day Meme

* I am: tired.
* I want: cheesecake smothered in fudge sauce.
* I wish: that my house was full of family.
* I hate: selective stupidity.
* I love: my husband more than I can describe.
* I miss: being thin.
* I fear: old age.
* I hear: my dogs woofing at me.
* I wonder: what I will watch on TV tonight.
* I regret: not going to college.
* I am not: a trapeze artist.  
* I dance: everywhere, much to my husband’s dismay.
* I sing: loudly, out of tune, and often.
* I cry: over acts of kindness, movies…you name it.
* I am not always: on time.
* I make with my hands: art.
* I write: less than I want and more than I should.

* I confuse: punctuation after years of writing for radio & TV.
* I need: to get out more.
* I should: exercise more.
* I start: early in the morning.
* I finish: early in the evening.
* I tag: everyone who didn’t get a chance to do this today.

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